Alternatives to StreetEasy

Finding a new place to live in the city can be scary! Many renters start their search on StreetEasy, but forget about other alternatives. Here is a list of our favorite alternatives to StreetEasy!

Alternatives to StreetEasy
Photo by Jarek Ceborski / Unsplash

Finding a new place to live in New York City can be scary! Aside from going straight to a management company or landlord to beg for an apartment, using a website or mobile app is the best way to find your perfect place.

But there are so many sites to choose from, so where do you start? In this article, we’ve gathered some of our favorite tried and true options.


Trulia is owned by Zillow which is the largest real estate company in the US. Their large size and main emphasis on selling homes means their listings. Trulia provides a number of helpful neighborhood map features like school ratings and crime map data. Trulia uses a traditional agent model where agents show available houses and charge a full broker fee of one month’s rent.


Nobee provides neighborhood maps and metrics to help renters evaluate apartments. Unlike other alternatives, Nobee’s agents are paid per showing eliminating broker fees. So instead of paying one month's rent to an agent for showing you the apartment, Nobee only charges $500.

Nobee is intimately familiar with both the Boston and NYC areas and neighborhoods. Their database offers new listings and a flexible scheduling option for apartment showings. Finally, Nobee allows you to apply and sign directly from the website without paper applications.


Like Trulia, Hotpads is owned by Zillow meaning their listings are duplicated across the Streeteasy, Trulia, and Zillow network. This means you must go to three different sites to check apartment prices and compete with a vast number of other prospective renters. Like Trulia, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist listings can be weeks old even after they are rented out.


Nooklyn is a NYC based platform that began as a blog. It employs its own agents who do apartment showings. Nooklyn offers roommate matching for prospective renters. They require prospective renters to pay a security deposit before you are considered for approval making it difficult to regain your deposit if you are rejected for housing or find another alternative.

Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist

Facebook and Craigslist have one of the largest amounts of listings for local areas. However, there aren’t many regulations or control over scams and old listings. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist have no agents meaning you must go it alone when evaluating potential housing.

If you're struggling to find an apartment, schedule a showing, or save money? Use Nobee! Nobee reduces broker fees by 70-100% and covers all application fees, background check fees, and credit check fees. Call now to schedule a showing!