How to find an apartment with Nobee

Are you stuck searching for an apartment? Check out this blog post on how to use Nobee to search, see, and sign an apartment.

How to find an apartment with Nobee
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Are you a Leslie Knope-like planner who has already begun their apartment search for next year? Or perhaps a prolific procrastinator who is scrambling for housing? Whether you’ve already started preparing for next year or just missed the traditional September 1st rental crunch, you can rest easy. Hundreds of listings are still active on Nobee where we feature a move-in date filter for the prospective renter of any sensibility for any season.

We covered how first time renters can prepare, explore, and ultimately sign for their rental lease in our recent blog post here. While anyone can browse available apartments, we encourage you to set up your Nobee profile ASAP by providing and verifying your email and phone number. Once you’ve signed up you can receive our free renting guide that provides a step by step guide to renting. Like our move-in date filter, Nobee provides a number of features that make the exploration stage of apartment hunting easy.

Nobee offers the chance to reimagine your city by neighborhood, so whether you’re a Cambridge student or fresh graduate looking for something new, you can focus your search on a community you identify with. You can learn more about different Boston neighborhoods and their charms on our blog where we highlight the best things to do in Cambridge and rate the best restaurants in Fenway.

Every apartment featured on Nobee has neighborhood ratings featured on an online map. We provide 13 metrics that provide a sense of the community that you’re moving into. With your help, you can find the nearest green space, the best place for bar room debates, the closest grocery store, and even the nearest coffee shop. We also help you calculate the distance of your commute and whether you can walk to work.

In addition to the larger neighborhood and community, every apartment has an overview of amenities. We know that pets are part of the family, so like our move-in date filter, we provide a pet-friendly filter for your apartment. We also offer virtual and in-person showings from our agents who are paid a flat rate, our agents aren’t incentivized to force a deal and persuade you to sign a lease for an ill-matched apartment.

If you're struggling to find an apartment, schedule a showing, or save money? Use Nobee! Nobee reduces broker fees by 70-100% and covers all application fees, background check fees, and credit check fees. Call now to schedule a showing!