Nud Pob: A real love story

Nud Pob: A real love story
Eddie Chen, owner of Nud Pob, standing in front of ordering station

I knew Nud Pob was good long before I visited - my BU friends had been hyping up their food for a long time. I finally got around to visiting and realized that even though my friends were right! However, my favorite thing about Nud Pob isn’t the food… It's the story behind it.


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Nud Pob is run by the husband-wife team Eddie and Dolly Chen. They met at Herkimer College in New York City where Eddie was studying Business Management and his wife was about to begin her masters in International Business. Dolly is Thai and Eddie is Chinese but while dating, they merged their cuisines and began cooking together as a hobby. After Dolly completed her degree, the pair were at a loss for what to do for work and decided to turn their cooking hobby into a restaurant.

Starting up was not easy - their first try was a couple blocks down the street from their current location but they had to move because of fire risks. In 2010, they moved to 738 Commonwealth Avenue (where they are now) and have been there ever since. As immigrants, Eddie and Dolly wanted to make their restaurant a home away from home, both for them and for the customers. That’s why they named their restaurant Nud Pob - Thai for “meeting place” which is exactly what it is today.

COVID was hard for the restaurant industry, especially in Boston since most students were taking virtual classes. Faced with these issues, many restaurants laid employees off, scaled back their menus, or closed for good… but not Nud Pob. Eddie and Dolly pivoted heavily to online deliveries and even had to dip into their personal savings, but they refused to make any decision that would hurt their employees.

“All the employees that I have are like a family. So I have to take care of them as well. It's not about looking at the money. I have to look at everybody as a family that I am helping," said Eddie.

If you visit today, you’ll see Bostonites, especially BU students, enjoying themselves in what is now one of Boston's staple restaurants. The long wooden tables, metal stools, and bright colors make for a perfect casual, but delicious, food spot… all for a great price. For the best experience, we recommend eating at Nud Pob rather than ordering takeout. Nud Pob hits different when it’s still steaming hot and fresh from the kitchen!

Eddie personally recommends the Thai Curry and their Indonesian or Basil Fried Rice. Eddie says that in order for a chef to qualify to work at Nud Pob they must be able to make both Thai food dishes that require special technique and skill.

I tried the Indonesian Fried Rice and it was incredible. It had a great kick from their special house chili paste, an incredible crispy panko breaded chicken, completed by the perfectly seasoned rice. In the past I've also tried their crispy chicken pad thai as well! Honestly though, you can’t go wrong with anything you pick at Nud Pob.

If you're looking to try some amazing and authentic Thai and Chinese dishes while supporting a local business that cares about their employees, Nud Pob is the place to go. They offer takeout, delivery, and catering for a selection of hearty dishes that you won’t find at your average Thai restaurant. Check them out and if you do, mention that Daniel from Nobee sent you… you won’t be disappointed.

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