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By Nobee on September 08, 2021

What is a Broker Fee?

A broker fee is the fee that a broker charges for helping someone find an apartment. Brokers typically charge 1 month's rent or $1,500/room for their services. The broker helps to screen apartments, connect tenants to different landlords, and act as the middle man between the landlord & tenants for applications. 

At Nobee, we make renting a seamless process, we have thousands of properties easily accessible at your finger tips. Most of our apartments have no broker fees at all and for other units on our site, we reduce the fee by 70% (on average).

Instead of charging one month’s rent per bedroom, we charge a flat $500 a bedroom no matter what you rent. Since we charge you flat fee, we’re never trying to upsell you… all we care about is helping you find your perfect home. When you’re ready to apply for a lease, we cover all the fees for applying (application fee, credit check fee, and background check fee) which are usually around $100. On average, when renting with Nobee our tenants save $1000 in broker fees.

Published by Nobee September 8, 2021